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Managing a ‘Defensible Network’ with enterprise spam and virus protection, and network monitoring, along with the recovery of vital systems requires an on-going effort that requires many procedures, tools, and policies that Active Networking, Inc. can aid you. With Security Audits and an ample security strategy, Active Networking, Inc. can offer your business a cost-effective hourly or Support-Pak service to help small businesses sustain a secure network using the latest techniques and technology.

Active Networking, Inc. certified engineers can aid you in:

Performing extensive security audits.
Recovering quickly from virus and worm attacks, or spam based intrusion.
Perimeter security and remote access setup.
Configure secure access for remote and mobile users.
Employ the latest software for protection against viruses, spam, and various email exploits.
Develop a security strategy with 24x7 monitoring.

Security Audits
The Security Audit is an overview of current Network Infrastructure. This Audit will allow Active Networking, Inc. to formulate a synopsis to better evaluate the current infrastructure and devise a security plan that is right for your business. Some of the points the security policy takes a look at are the firewall, enterprise virus and spam protection, intrusion detection (IDS), spam Filtering, wireless encryption, remote access setup, network authentication, and penetration testing.

Preventative Plans
Active Networking, Inc can advise you about how to design security policy into your business processes. Active Networking, Inc can install the latest scanning and auditing software, define and implement a secure network architecture, and recommend procedures and policies to optimize the security of your network. Active Networking, Inc's security expertise is available to help you configure a firewall, set up secure remote access to email and data through a design that fits your budget and needs.

Disaster Recovery and Virus Removal
Active Networking, Inc. has expertise in recovering computers that have been infected by virus and spam, or have been compromised by internal or external access. Active Networking, Inc can help evaluate the damage caused by the attack, and restore any data lost during the attack. Active Networking, Inc experience with security response reduces your downtime and allows Active Networking, Inc to recommend effective ways to prevent or contain future attacks.

If you are interested in a cost-effective way to outsource your security efforts, Active Networking, Inc 's 24x7 Monitoring Services include remote network monitoring and quick response to problems.

Our Certified Engineers take an active roll in the setup, maintenance and security of your networks.

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