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Network Management and Support

Networks: Products


Active Networking, Inc. offers support for networks with 2 to 200 workstations. From remote access to perimiter security, network printing, two-factor authentication solutions to anti-spam email solutions, we provide you with support from your workstations to your servers, and all networked components in between. With extensive experience with Microsoft Server Products, Citrix Metaframe and Cisco networking, we can bring remote users a seamless desktop integration to key applications in your enterprise, help you with desktop rollout, help you manage your servers, or act as a support center for your employees with our helpdesk support center.
Active Networking, Inc. also offers remote or local network monitoring services to help businesses ensure maxim uptime and immediate response to failed network services. The monitoring we setup can identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before your users report them to you! Active Networking, Inc. will assure network availability by monitoring all aspects of your Windows and Linux servers, workstations and devices (routers, etc). When a failure is detected, our network monitor can alert you by email, pager or SMS, as well as taking corrective action by, for example, rebooting the machine, restarting the service or running a script. The software we use actually tests the status of a service, rather than deducing a service status from generated, which is the only real way to ensure server uptime! Monitor your network and servers for software and hardware failures, monitoring of Exchange, ISA, SQL and Web servers. And with preventative maintenance, our engineers will be onsite monthly to ensure your systems are running to peak performance. Ask us about the options you have for network monitoring today.

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