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Are you planning upgrades to your network, or want to add company email, data services, or functionality to your current infrastructure? Do you need guidance on the best way to get to where you know you need to be? Let us help you to realize your goals with our certified engineers and project planners. We can help you scope out the project, help you get the best deals through our partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, and other key vendors, set a project timeline, and roll out the project to completion, with every step documented at the beginning of the project, and a signoff at the end to ensure complete satisfaction, because we are not satisfied until your satisfied. And your company is provided with all the Post Project Documentation, which may include any or all of the following:

Domain Configuration Information: Overall domain naming convention information.

Group Policy Object Settings: Settings used in creation of Group Policies for Active Directory.

Virus Protection Settings: Overall domain virus software settings for clients and workstations including scan schedules, update times, and quarantine settings.

Server Information Settings: Overall make, model, serial numbers, network services, IP address information, and any other server related items.

Backup Settings: Review of backup types and schedules, parties responsible for daily rotation, and any other relevant information.

Network Access Settings: Overview of listing of network shares, access rights, login script information, and group details.

Firewall Settings: Overall firewall rules and services, External/Internal IP addresses, and make/model information.

License Information: Any license information purchased by client.

System Training and Q/A: Active Networking, Inc. will provide training and point of contact information for designated parties. A review of backup process, user/group creation, virus alert handling, and any specific process training.

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